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Divorce and Separation: Avoiding Common Oversights in Child Support Agreements

It is important to handle child support issues with care when going through separation and divorce. Poor management of this aspect of the process could cause a lot of harm to the children. Moreover, there could be legal implications if there is negligence. The simplest approach to dealing with child support is making a legal agreement. This approach is beneficial because the parties create a contract on making payments for the care of the kids voluntarily. If you are interested in a child support agreement, consider using these basic tips for ideal results.

Consider the Options

You should understand the different types of agreements for child support. This information will help you choose the type of agreement that is most compatible with your situation. In general, the agreements can be categorised as limited or binding. The former involves making an agreement that will remain valid for a specific period. When the specified time lapses, the parties can plan for a renewal or even an amendment to change the terms.

There is also the option of terminating the agreement if it is no longer suitable. A binding agreement is favourable if you would like to finalise the issue of child support right away. It provides a sense of security and stability for long-term care. This contract cannot be amended even if the personal circumstances change. The drawback of this type of agreement is that terminating it is not as easy as the limited alternative.

Check for Ambiguity

It is important to draft the child support agreement for the sake of clarity. In simple terms, you should not depend on a verbal promise for this issue. In addition to having the agreement written, you must make sure that the contract is not ambiguous. If there are aspects of the agreement which are open to interpretation, one of the parties might take advantage of the loopholes. You can avoid this oversight by consulting a qualified family lawyer before signing the document. If possible, the agreement should be drafted by a legal professional. This consideration is particularly important when dealing with a binding contract.

Know the Obligations

Finally, you should have a clear understanding of your obligations as outlined in the child support agreement. This knowledge is of particular significance if you would like to use property settlement during the divorce in place of part of the periodic payments. You must ensure that the value of your asset is credited as child support. Also, make certain that this type of exchange is acceptable when drafting the official legal agreement. 

To learn more, contact a family lawyer.