How to Take Action Following an Accident

How To Improve The Outcome Of A Personal Injury Claim

Would you want to lodge a personal injury claim against an organisation or individual? Maybe you were injured at your workplace or by a negligent motorist. The article below discusses how you can improve the outcome of your personal injury suit. 

Gather Sufficient Evidence

You must have sufficient evidence implicating the other party for your injury. Below are a few tips to help you gather evidence for your personal injury:

  1. Take pictures of the incident. For instance, you could take photos of the vehicle that hit you or a faulty machine that injured you. If you are in extreme pain, ask someone to take these photos on your behalf.
  2. Once you recuperate, take statements from some of the people that witnessed the incident.
  3. If the police were involved, ask them to provide a report of the event.
  4. Ask for your hospital records and keep all receipts related to the injury. 

Work with an Experienced Solicitor

A personal injury solicitor will help you seek compensation for your injuries. Most lawyers have a no-win, no-fee policy. As such, they will only charge if they can secure a win. However, it would be prudent to inquire what percentage the lawyer will take once you are compensated. 

The lawyer will examine the legality of your claim. For instance, you may lose the case if there is overwhelming evidence of contributory negligence. An example would be a drunk pedestrian who is injured because he or she did not observe traffic lights. 

Your lawyer will also determine how much compensation you should claim. Several factors will determine this amount. They include the severity of the injury, your current salary, the need for future rehabilitation and your ability to work after the injury.

Mind Your Public Life

You must be cautious of your public life and social media updates once you lodge a personal injury claim. For instance, a photo of you clubbing or enjoying the holidays may be used by the defence to nullify your pain and suffering claim. 

The insurance company may send an adjuster to interview you. Do not make statements that could negatively affect the outcome of the process. For example, do not say that you are not sure what caused an accident. Preferably, ask your lawyer to be present during the interview. 

Personal injury claims involve a lot of offers and counteroffers. Therefore, you must know what you are willing to accept. Being rigid is not a guarantee that the other party will increase their offer.

Improve the outcome of your injury claim by gathering sufficient evidence, working with an attorney and being careful about your public life. Speak to solicitors in your area to learn more.